About The Sports Daddy

I am a Minnesota parent, This blog covers topics about sports in Minnesota and being a parent. I will write stories, make videos, create polls, and seek knowledge from the readers about their opinions on everything from tailgating to hockey moms, including parenting tips, politics, social media, religion, kindergarten & schools, and the local sports scenes.

In 2011, I was laid off from my job as social media marketer for a large corporation. ┬áThis blog was originally created as my “practice field” to hone my web skills and write about sports, but morphed into an extensive collection of thoughts from a stay at home dad. I loved spending time with my 2 kids while my wife, TheSportsMom, worked.

Being a daddy is the greatest job in the World. I will always continue my passion for sports as a coach, friend and mentor for my kids. Most important, date nights with the wife will include the occasional Twins, Wild, Wolves, Gophers or Vikings game.

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