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On This Day in MN Sports History: Drew Pushed Off, a bottle and my You Tube video


Many Vikings fans already know why for it was on that fabled Christmas that the Dallas Grinches stole a playoff win from the jaws of defeat at Metropolitan Stadium.

MN Sports History: Vikings victim of Dolphin Super Bowls

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Even-though the Dolphins were defending World Champs, and were playing in their third straight Super Bowl, I honestly felt like we were gonna dominate them. How wrong I was.

This Day in MN Sports History: First Steeler Super Bowl is Vikings 3rd loss

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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. How else can you explain this fluke Super Bowl that was won when Pittsburgh recovered a “mistake” second-half kick off? I guess it’s totally my opinion, but I still think there is no way that the Vikings would lose this Super Bowl if it was played again today, yesterday or tomorrow.

This Day in Minnesota Sports History: Raider Super Bowl is O-4 Vikings

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Disaster struck and the opportunity was squandered when Brent McClanahan fumbled the ball away to the Raiders. The turnover was the worse thing that could have ever happened to the Vikings. In this sports daddy opinion it was the purple’s worst nightmare.

Crud my friends write: My Favorite Social Media comments about Elections 2012

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I love my friends, and this year’s social media posts were all over the map on election. Crud my friends write: My Favorite Social Media comments about the elections 2012. So, now that that’s all over, we can get back to rebuilding the East Coast, right? Reading comments about separation of church and state. I went to a […]

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Chuck Knoblauch to Brian Duensing: <b>Twins</b> own 7th longest MLB transaction tree ow.ly/2QYuHw

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