My major in college, so occasionally, I will post things that have impacted this country’s future from it’s past

Random Rant from Vikings Past: 34-0 Loss to Cheese Stinks Like Chili


In November 2007 after the Vikings were blasted 34-0 at Lambeau, I jotted down some angry, vicious thoughts about the state of the purple during a boring meeting at work

Chuck Foreman: Probably the most underrated player in Vikings history


Chuck Foreman had the slickest spin move of all-time, but this run was an “all guts” burst to glory, setting up the winning touchdown scored by Sammie Johnson a few plays later. The Vikings were heading to Pasadena for their 4th Super Bowl.

On this Day in Sports History: Robin Ventura Meets Nolan Ryan


Nolan Ryan built a career on intimidation and outright fire-ball pitching. On August 4, 1993 Roin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox found this out first-hand.

On this Day in Minnesota Sports History 1982: Kent Hrbek Rookie Phenom


Minnesota Sports history would have been boring without Kent Hrbek.

On this Day in Sports History: Bud Selig declares baseball game is a tie


I believe this country became successful because of it’s competitive nature, and games that end in ties are like saying everyone is a winner. By definition, this just cannot be true. In life, at work, and in school, people win everyday, and people lose

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Kirby Puckett Minnesota Twins
Kirby Puckett was the Minnesota Twins in the late 80's and early 90's. The Sports Daddy still loves the Puck!
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