Johsonville Sausage, Social Media Campaign & Vikings Tailgating

By  | July 17, 2010 | Filed under: Cooking, Grilling, Social Media

This Week’s Johnsonville GRILLVILLE Secret Code Word is “SAUSAGE.” That’s right, I wrote it, SAUSAGE, SAUSAGE, SAUSAGE…

You might remember a post from awhile back for a neat little Johnsonville Social Media campaign for grilling. I just wanted to remind everybody out there that they can still participate, so DO IT.

But get involved quickly, as the campaign will end on July 20th. Yup, that means, that I too have to get crackin, as I have been busy with my own Social Media Marketing campaign launches for a certain large legal publisher in the United States.

Good luck to all you tailgaters.

In other news, I will be looking for some really worthwhile cooking courses for grilling. I want to learn how to be a master chef on the grille. It is a goal of mine for 2010-2011.

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