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Cigar smoke, Mark Mosley’s pre-game kicks, the Tark and a Viking playoff win


As we walked toward the gates, the smell of cigars and cigarettes filled the Met Stadium air. Once we made it inside for the pregame warm-ups, I soaked in everything. I watched the High School Cheerleading Parkettes on the sidelines, and was amazed by the distance and accuracy of Mark Mosley and Fred Cox’s straight on kick

Save the Metrodome

From Sullybaseball Blog in 2008:“I know it sounds crazy, defending the single most maligned stadium in the game, but I say there is a place for it and a real group of reasons to keep it as the home of the Twins. Indulge me! (READ MORE) twinnin

Man dies after fight at Angel Stadium on opening day

This is sad, and just another reminder to ALL you sports fans out there: YOU DON’T PLAY THE GAME, YOU WATCH IT, YOU SHARE THE EXPERIENCE WITH OTHER FANS, and without a team to play against there would be no sports. RESPECT EACH OTHER’S DIFFERENCES, enjoy the game. It’s life, and it’s not worth taking […]

Um…There Goes the Hood?

The NFL implemented a new code of fan conduct today, warning that spectators who misbehave will be ejected from stadiums and barred from coming back.

2008 Schedule for Vikes: Roadtrip to Tennessee?

The Vikings will be heading to Tennessee on Seeptember 28, and if we have our way, the Tailgaters from our Parking Lot will be following them there.