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Interesting Female football fan Perspective on Jared Allen Trade

Allen also brings with him impressive breadth of play, as he has a reputation for fumble recoveries, forced fumbles, and even has significant experience as a long-snapper

Jared Allen- Rumors Update (1st and 2nd Round Picks in 2009?)

According to a source, Allen is in the process of scheduling trips to the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the next week. Because he is an unsigned franchise player, Allen has the freedom to meet and talk to teams, but the current price tag for a team wanting to sign him is two No. 1 picks, which is a price most teams aren’t willing to consider.

Texas Rangers Almost Landed Johan? Rumor Worth Nothing

Rangers and Twins were close to an agreement on the players involved in a trade that would’ve sent Johan Santana to Texas. The Twins pulled the plug when

New Twins try to show value after Santana trade

Philip Humber most certainly did not want to declare himself the next Johan Santana.

Mets land Santana, Twins Land a Future of Prospects… And So it Goes..

Former Twins ace Johan Santana will Meet the Mets while Centerfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey will be heading Fort Myers with hopes of making the roster of the Minnesota Twins.